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Welcome to the Home Page of the
Canadian Gas Processors Suppliers Association 


This website contains information about the CGPSA and its member companies,
and the latest information about the Association's technical and social program.
To join or to change membership information, please visit the Member Services page.
To request information, please visit the Contact Us page.

This website is dedicated to the CGPSA (Suppliers to the gas industry, not Gas Processors).
For Gas Processors information and services, please use LINKS to go to the CGPA website.

News ...

Last News Update: 26-Mar-01
Last Membership Update: 20-Mar-01

EVENTS UPDATE   The Operations/Maintenance Conference and Trade Show will be held on April 6, and the Q2 Technical Meeting on May 3 - see the Event Program page for details. 

Notices ...  

ADDRESSING CORRESPONDENCE TO US   When sending us an application, renewal or other correspondence that requires a cheque be enclosed, many of you complete the appropriate CGPSA form and send it to your accounting department to have the cheque prepared and then both the cheque and form mailed to us. More times than you can imagine, accounting departments do not look at the application form when preparing the cheque, and use the address in the accounting system for the CGPSA as the mailing address. For example, one company recently sent an application for the Safety Conference to the organizer of last year's golf tournament! To avoid lengthy delays in processing your correspondence, Please, Please, Please ensure your accounting department has the correct address on file (see Contact Us for current information), and ask them to use the address on the form you are sending to forward the correspondence and cheque. 

COMPANY INFORMATION CHANGES   Please note that requests for changes to membership information, including company information posted at this website, MUST be made to the Membership Director (at membership@cgpsa.com or by telephone - see the Board of Directors page for contact information), and should be made by the CGPSA Primary Representative of the company requesting the change.

CALL FOR PAPERS   We always welcome new papers for upcoming technical conferences and meetings (see the Event Program pages for the dates of upcoming events). If you are interested in presenting a paper, please contact Amanda Barber at Capitol Conferences, (403) 210-0596 or email capitolc@cadvision.com .

Who We Are ...
CGPSA Mission Statement
The Canadian Gas Processors Suppliers Association is a not-for-profit organization formed to promote interaction and the exchange of ideas and technology, that will add value to those involved with or affected by the gas processing industry globally.

Statement of Purpose 
To represent the broad interest of the membership by actively participating in developing, improving, and promoting their professional services and products to the gas processing industry for the benefit of the industry, the environment, and the public.

> To report, discuss, and publish relevant technical & business topics;
> To undertake technical, education, research & recognition programs;
> To pursue initiatives that develop, improve and promote the business
         interests and services provided by the membership to the industry; and
> To promote social interaction and fellowship.

Working together to strengthen the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry through interaction and excchange of ideas, knowledge and technology.



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